Why NEOPORM foam glass is valuable?

does not burn, does not absorb moisture, does not emit harmful substances

Energy Efficiency
Provides construction of houses
that consume only 18-20 kWt/h
of electricity per year per m2
100 years of warranty
without the need for
planned repairs and disposal
Harmless in the manufacture,
storage, exploitation
and recycling

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Thermal insulation from NEOPORM® foam glass

About company

Industrial production of foam glass in our country was completely lost in the 1990s. Since then, many have tried to resume it, but the first was the company STES-VLADIMIR.

In the period 2000-2005, the company developed a unique national technology for the production of effective heat insulation products based on the NEOPORM ® foam glass.

With NEOPORM®, it's possible to produce high-quality foam glass that is not inferior, and for a number of performance properties, is superior to analogues.


Objects using NEOPORM ® plates

Company news

ASTM Testing

The company "STES-VLADIMIR" carried out complex tests of thermal insulation products from foam glass NEOPOPM® according to ASTM standards.


A project that Russia can be proud of

The company "STES-VLADIMIR" is the first and the only industrial enterprise in Russia that produces heat insulation products made of foam glass NEOPORM®.


Walking on innovation

The Department of Construction conducted an excursion for the journalists on the construction industry enterprises of the regional center for journalists.


Under a warm frock coat

The Vladimir region has recently been called almost one of the Russian centers of nanotechnology, and there is a weighty truth in this statement.